Warner Bros. Gets a Win in Superman Rights Battle

The ongoing battle between Warner Brothers and the heirs to the rights of Superman continues, though may have taken a turn for the worse for the plaintiffs.  More than 10 years have passed since this war started, with neither side gaining much ground.  Now, a judge has ruled that key documents which may discredit attorney Marc Toberoff and lead Warner Brothers to victory are indeed valid.

At first glance, Warner Brothers seems like a super-villain conglomerate akin to the Legion of Doom (but with lamer powers and better lawyers).  Further investigation shows that Toberoff himself may also be the bad guy.

Warner Brothers has cried foul-play on the attorney’s part, saying that his role as both legal representation and business partner in the matter of the Superman rights is a conflict of interest.  They further claim that they had been on the verge of arranging a settlement with Jerry Siegel’s and Joe Shuster’s (the creators) heirs, but that Toberoff interfered in the matter for personal gain.

The documents in question are supposed to demonstrate this more clearly by showing how Toberoff was arranging a deal with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel to exploit the rights once they had them.  One of Siegel’s sons even expressed the view that the two were going to attempt to take complete control over the rights should the lawsuit turn in favor of the heirs.

So, it turns out this may be nothing more than a super-villain stand-off with the people who should actually have the rights stuck in the middle.


For a more detailed look at all the legal gibberish involved in the case, check out blastr and The Hollywood Reporter.

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