There is a small rule to follow when it comes to DC Comics characters in an animated form. The further they are from the Timmverse (named for producer Bruce Timm) of the DCAU, the closer they are to suck. Ok, maybe that’s just me and my cynical/jaded old ass but I’m still not really sure about the forthcoming Beware The Batman on DC Nation’s animation block.

DC Entertainment and Cartoon Network have released the first trailer for the CGI ‘toon today with a few details. Bats assisted by Katana (not Robin) and Alfred (who’s apparently now a spy) and face  “new villains not previously seen in animated form” such as Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie. No Joker? Two-Face? Not even Bane to tie into the TDKR?

I stand by my earlier judgement.

You can check out the teaser after the jump, meanwhile I’ll go back to listing off words I wish Kevin Conroy would have said in Batman: The Animated Series. I stalled out after ‘pomegranate’…

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