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ABOVE: This full Predator body paint is awesome and all, but it disturbs me. All I can think is how unfortunate it would be to have sex with a female Predator. I’m assuming Predator pussies have teeth. So getting oral from one of these gals would definitely be toothy, come on, it’s unavoidable. [ObviousWinner]

[Requisite ‘This is not the ones and twos you are looking for’ joke here] Clubs, DJ’s and that dubstep thing really piss me the fuck off; the whole scene is so obnoxious. However this Star Wars themed R2D2 turntable is pretty rad. [Nerdapproved]

Ok, we have all seen fanboyism/patriotism in many forms, but this Captain America cake with American flag interior really, well, takes the cake. You can check out more here. Now, I’m not entirely sure what it tastes like, but my best guess is eagle tears and freedom. [Geekologie]

In Space, no one can hear you bust out a wicked guitar riff… Which is a shame since this bad ass Alien themed guitar looks like it can shred. More pics and background info here.  [Reddit]

With the possibility and validity of  a third Ghostbusters movie still up in the air, if there was something strange in your neighborhood you are currently SOL for anyone to call. Fear not, with Viking Props and their fantastically accurate Ghostbuster proton pack replica (check out the Etsy shop and full proton pack replica listing here) you can bust ghosts yourself!   [Dude I Want That]

It is dangerous to go alone, take this… rather well done Legend of Zelda musical with you. [Dorkly]

Ok, here is your movie pitch for a Wednesday. Kids love two things, Star Trek and Cats. Combine the two and get ready to profit! For your consideration Dastoli Digital presents Cats in Space. To boldly sit in that one sunbeam all afternoon. [YouBentMyWookie]

If you’ve ever wondered what happened on the Death Star moments before it’s destruction…. I’m guessing it was something like this. Introducing the Stormtrooper Shuffle, choreographed in a galaxy far far away by . Hey, at least it means all those troopers died doing what troopers love, dancing.  [vvv]

It’s Dangerous to… ah crap, I already used my one Zelda joke today. Anyhoo, here’s Shit Navi Says. Yes, that meme is a little played out, but this video is a very well done Link in the real world. [GeeksAreSexy]

BREAKING: Sean Bean returns to Game of Thrones, Season two. Well, he tries to and it doesn’t really go very well.  [TDWGeek]

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