A TV Doctor (Private Practice) and the voice of Superman, Tim Daly is an accomplished actor and a presence on network TV for the last two decades — so what the hell is he doing answering 5 ridiculous questions from us? Well, if you know Daly only from his TV work on shows like Wings and The Sopranos, you’re missing out on the actors insanely enjoyable detour into web comedy on The Daly Show, Ben Shelton‘s look inside the home life of Daly and his actor son Sam (Red Tails).

Through the first season we’ve seen kidnapping, the fusing of baseball and sex, and life lessons on how to be less douche — something Daly personally schooled me on in our last interview. The show has also had a knack for securing amazing guest stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Taye Diggs (who got licked), and Nathan Fillion (who did not, as far as I know).

Check out the latest episode of the D-A-L-Y Show and then scroll down to see Tim humor me.

The Fast Five with Tim Daly

1. Two episodes ago you were wearing Superman pajamas and fighting crime with Nathan Fillion, now you’re wearing a tutu, dare I ask what comes next? America wants to know, are assless chaps on the horizon?

Tim Daly: My hide is already chapped from that tutu.

2. Speaking of the tutu, to my knowledge that’s the first time you’ve worn a dress since Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, which was more fulfilling, which made you feel prettier?

Tim Daly: That question answers itself.

3. Any advice on how to prevent tassel induced nipple chafing?

Tim Daly: Don’t use crazy glue… I learned the hard way.

4. So Sam put baby in a corner and snaked the Dancing with the Stars gig from you, will there be retribution?

Tim Daly: Doing DWTS is its own retribution.

5. Is there a dancer inside of you presently?

Tim Daly: A little tiny one… Yes.

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