Proof positive that a superhero musical doesn’t have to be a money pit (cough*Spider-Man*cough), the folks behind the Harry Potter Musical, Star Kid, have brought to life a Dark Knight theatrical effort called “Holy Musical B@tman!” The show had a small preview back in February, and for your viewing pleasure you watch the whole thing via YouTube with part one below, followed by links to the other 12 parts.

Act One, Part 2
Act One, Part 3
Act One, Part 4
Act One, Part 5
Act One, Part 6
Act One, Part 7

Act Two, Part 1
Act Two, Part 2
Act Two, Part 3
• Act Two, Part 4
• Act Two, Part 5
• Act Two, Part 6

If you want to just straight-up hear the music, you can go to StarKid’s Bandcamp page here to listen.

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