With The Avengers hitting screens in less than 10 days/6 hours/48 minutes this could quite possibly be the last full blown Avengers round-up… Until we start them in 12 days in preparation for Avengers 2: Avenge Harder (working title).

With Joss Whedon‘s little movie about earth’s mightiest heroes already being called the best superhero movie ever, we have managed to round up just a little more hype for the unconvinced. On the way we have Black Widow’s featurette, Stellar Skarsgard Talks Avengers and Thor 2, the whole damn soundtrack, a few more words from Whedon, and Loki spoils the whole damn movie for us. PLUS! A couple of trailer remixes.

You’re Avengers Round-Up starts after the jump.

Let’s get this out of the way first, pictured above is the newly crowned king of all nerds (and yes, I mean that as the highest possible compliment). Joss Whedon has to be pretty happy with himself right now. Not just because The Avengers is set to decimate the North American box office when it hits on the 4th of May, but he’s fulfilled a fanboy dream and made the movie he’s always wanted to make. Talking with The Kentucky Kernel, Whedon gave himself a little pat on the back.

“The Avengers is the kind of movie that I grew up wanting to make and thought they had stopped making. 

When I grew up, the summer movie was, literally, created as a concept, and all my life I wanted to do something like that, something like the first “Indiana Jones,” something that was steeped in character, in love of the genre that it was portraying, had intelligence, had real acting, had a story that unfolded and wasn’t just a sort of big premise that you already knew going in. 

More and more, summer movies have felt a little cynical. There are very big exceptions to that, but that has been the case when people throw so much money down. 

They’re not interested in a story, they’re interested in just barraging you with excitement and imagery and brand names. 
Marvel doesn’t operate that way. They care about the people. That’s why they hire some of the best actors in the business to play their heroes. This is an old-fashioned movie. 

It’s a little bit bigger than life, but it’s very human.”

You can read more from the interview, including his advice to future filmmakers and what super power he’d choose Here.

E! Online has just debuted Marvel Studio’s latest Avengers featurette, one that finally focuses on Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow. A little extra footage and of course some sound bites from Scar-Jo herself. Enjoy!

Via Geek Tyrant

Stellan Skarsgård, who played Dr Erik Selvig in Thor, will be returning in The Avengers. He’s just not sure about Thor 2 just yet. Talking with Digital Spy the actor said this about his involvement with the thunder god’s sequel. “They’re working on it and they hope to start shooting in the fall, and I hope to be in it. They have me on contract so… And I’d love to work with those guys again. I’m having fun in the Marvel films.”

If you recall Dr. Selvig’s post credit scene in Thor, you might be wondering what will happen to the professor in The Avengers, well it sounds rather ominous, “something happens in The Avengers which changes him and which gave me the pleasure of playing something different.” [Via CBM]

Any guesses on what happens? Wait, no… that would spoil everything. Speaking of which, if you do NOT want the Avengers spoiled, do NOT watch the following video of an interview with Tom “Loki” Hiddleston spoiling the whole damn movie.

Seriously, do not even attempt to watch it this is a HUGE (and heart breaking) SPOILER.

Ok? For real. I know it’s tempting, but you will thank me after. DO NOT WATCH ANY OF THIS.

[Via CBM]

Instead, enjoy the movies soundtrack, that is the actual score and not the 90’s infused ‘inspired by’ cash grab. Conducted by Oscar-nominated composer Alan Silvestri and available now for direct purchase online via 7Digital. Here’s the movies main theme.

You can listen to the rest over at Comic Book Movie.com.

To close things off, here are two remixes of the movies trailer. The first via ToplessRobot.com and done entirely with action figures, props for shoe horning the Vision and Ant-Man in there, plus using every Iron Man action figure possible. The second is… um… well, it’s The Avengers, but on a budget.


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