With The Walking Dead season 2 wrapping up last month, it was only a matter of time before the people who bring this amazing show to life decided to start talking openly about season 3.  A panel at North Hollywood’s TV Academy brought together much of the cast and crew so that they could plug the new season and drop some hints at what fans may expect.  The basics?  More actiony-zombie goodness, more complex character development and (wait for it…) more T-Dogg.

Some of what they had to say is old news to those keeping up on the show, such as the presence of Woodbury Prison and the addition of The Governor and Michonne as main characters.  They also talked a bit about the changes that were made from the original comic book series to the television production.  Fans are told to expect even more changes, as plotlines which followed one character in the comic will often be switched to someone else.  This is supposed to start right off the bat with episode 1.

They also voiced their intention to keep using Hershel (who was dead by this point in the original story) and Daryl (who was invented purely for the series).  Daryl will be taking a bigger role and acting as Rick’s right-hand man, Rick will be getting crazier and Glenn and Maggie will continue to do the nasty.

Robert Kirkman, the brain behind the comics, said that they’ll also be trying to push the boundaries of how much blood-and-guts AMC will allow next season by getting creative with the zombie kills.

Glen Mazzara, who just finished with the premiere script, emphasized that season 3 will start off with a bang and progress in the Walking Dead fashion fans have grown to love.  Characters will continue to be explored in complex ways and the zombies will continue to have their heads blown off.

So far, no schedule has been set in stone about when the new season will air, but a fall release is likely.

In other, less exciting and more fanboy oriented news, the limited edition Blu-ray season 2 box set for The Walking Dead has been revealed.  This oddball collector’s piece features a zombie head (crafted by the boys as McFarlane Toys) with a screwdriver stuck in its eye.  When the head is tilted back, the discs appear – kinda like the world’s ugliest Pez dispenser.

Zombiephiles may consider this the best thing ever, though those of a more practical bent may just be a little peeved that the thing is so large and awkward that it takes up half a shelf.

When this monstrosity hits stores is not known, but it is expected to match the airing of the new season.


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Those who wish to read a more detailed account of the panel can head over to The Hollywood Reporter.

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