Coulson Meets Cap in Latest ‘Avengers’ Clip

Really, Marvel? It’s like a week and half till we all get to see The Avengers from beginning to end in theatres and you’re still handing out clips piecemeal. Well we don’t need your charity


I take it back! Yes, we do!

Below is a clip from PBS’ The Tavis Smiley Show, where Agent Phil Coulson, AKA actor Clark Gregg, stopped by to promote the film (because it really, really needs the help. After all, there’s only so much that Dr Pepper, Farmers Insurance, Harley-Davidson, Hershey, Land O’Frost lunchmeats, Oracle, Red Baron pizza, Symantec, Visa and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts can do alone).

The clip features (what I assume) is Coulson’s first conversation with Captain America, and things get a little uncomfortable there for a minute. It also features the entire interview between Smiley and Gregg, but the clip is up front if that’s all you want to see.

Watch Actor-writer-director Clark Gregg on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

And remember, it’s just 10 more sleeps till The Avengers comes out May 4th.

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