Bane, ripping someone's ear off will not help them understand you better.

Following the release of Dark Knight Rises footage last year, there was an uproar (however minor) of discontent from fans who couldn’t understand a word that Tom Hardy, AKA Bane, was saying.

When pressed on the issue, neither Christopher Nolan nor Tom Hardy seemed to think much of it.  While Nolan gradually shifted his view when he realized how annoyed fans were, Hardy replied with a simple “…you’ll be able to tune to its setting.”

Tune to its setting?  It sounds like a secret Warner Brothers scam to get people to have to watch the movie at least twice in order to understand what the villain’s half of the plot is.

Despite these protestations from Nolan and Hardy, and Warner Brothers apparently having no intention of messing with the voice, it looks like someone involved in the production may have finally caved in.

Footage-spam of Dark Knight Rises at CinemaCon (an event for movie theater owners) earlier this week has produced reactions from those who had the chance to be there – positive reactions.  People are saying that Bane’s voice has been changed to be clearer and is much easier to understand than before.

Fans will be able to make their own judgment on the issue come May 4th, when the new trailer gets slapped on in front of the Avengers.

Personally, I’m all for artistic license, but let’s face it, the guy is talking through a mask and Hardy is spinning his role with an accent.  The combination of the two are not exactly viewer-friendly, especially for those of us who have spent too much time damaging our ears at loud concerts.


Danke, blastr for letting us know we will be able to understand the movie.

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