Can someone please explain to me why this is still happening? Variety is reporting that Hasbro and Relativity Media have found the man that will make you believe a man can stretch.

Oh man, they are still making a live action Stretch Armstrong movie? Just wait, it gets better. The mans name is Dean Georgaris, he’s the guy who wrote Tristan + Isolde (ugh), The Manchurian Candidate (argh), Paycheck (oh good lord no), and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (this now counts as a hate crime). That is all he has written too.

Want the hurting to stop? To bad. Georgaris’ plan is to write a more serious take on the movie (that is based off a toy that was popular at some point in the very distant past).  A  ‘plausible, action-oriented family pic than a live-action cartoon that’d be strictly for kids’ as Variety puts it.

Also, it will be a franchise.

At the time of this writing it is unknown if Taylor Lautner of Twilight fame is still attached to play the titular character. He was originally on board with this back in 2010 when it was still Universal’s project.

I really hope Hasbro and Relativity Media can talk Lautner into doing this movie. Seriously, if you are making something that is weapons grade awful, he’s your man.

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