Last Friday, Mark Ruffalo (who plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk) and Kevin Feige (the big cheese of Marvel Studios) held a 30 minute Q&A session at an Apple store in London, England as part of their promotion activity for The Avengers, which will be released on May 4.

Seeing as we’re all tired of seeing footage from that film after we’ve had 42521 clips thrown at us in the past few weeks, I’m not even going to focus on that part of the “Meet the Filmmakers” event.

We did get some interesting tidbits about future Marvel films and stuff like that – stuff that we nerd bastards like to speculate about.

We can anticipate an Ant Man movie at some point in the future; a draft of the script has been written and it’s likely that things will continue moving forward with that project.  A Luke Cage, a Black Panther film and a standalone Hulk film are possibilities that are being considered at the moment.  They talk about the idea of having a Civil War movie, but didn’t say much about it one way or the other.  Could be a thing, who knows!

And about the future of the Avengers films:

Discussions are beginning. The idea is to replicate that experience of the comics, so we’ve got these individual solo titles, then the crossovers every few years,I would love to replicate that every three or four years.

[Asked about introducing new members to the team in future films] This is definitely the foundation, but I think part of the fun of an Avengers series is to introduce more.

Watch the whole Q&A session after the jump!

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