Let’s take a moment to reflect on the career of Robert Rodriguez and how he has impacted male culture.  This ostentatious director has delivered a copious amount of truly manly films. Think about that for a second. Think what kind of knuckle dragging, chest pounding, brass ballin’, mans-man would you be without films like Desperado, From Dusk Till DawnGrindhouse (Planet Terror), Sin City and Machete? Point islet us never take this alpha filmmaker for grantedOh, and for you female fans out there: I think we should be friends. It’s so cool that you can appreciate films with bloody violence and and balls to the walls action. Anyhow…

I for one, can’t get enough of Robert Rodriguez. So thank god he’s a director that always has a few projects on his plate.   Speaking of which, Mr. Rodriguez has quite a lot planned for 2012. He will shoot Machete Kills, then Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and then if things go smoothly he’ll move right into a new version of the film Fire and Ice.  Lets pause for a moment and tell you about Fire and Ice. It’s one of those cult 80’s animated films that everyone seems to forget about. The story directed by Ralph Bakshi and designed by Frank Frazetta, was about an evil Ice Lord, a fire princess, and a muscular hero out to save the day. It’s a pretty rad film.  Especially the rotoscoping (where animated characters are drawn based on live-action footage) and the clothing (or lack thereof). Here watch films original trailer and you’ll see my point:

Sick, huh?

THR spoke to the Rodriguez, who said:

That’s in the works to go right into after Sin City, Frank Frazetta’s Fire and Ice. We’re almost done with the script, we’ve got it pretty much 70 percent there – I’m really excited about that one.

I’m excited too. So much so, that I kind of wish he’d skip the Machete and Sin City sequels. I know it’s nerd heracy to say that, but I’m a swords and sandals kind of guy. I want me some Fire and Ice and I don’t want to be dead by the time he gets around to it.

Source: THR



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