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ABOVE: So, this Human Centipede WWJD tattoo, no way THAT is going to be a regret later in life… [FOST]

The new Target ad campaign titled “A Superhero in Every Aisle” has assembled heroes from the Avengers from a wide variety of everyday household things, and before you ask, yes… they totally missed the obvious ‘clothes Iron Man’, pfft. Amateurs. [ComicsAlliance]

Age discrimination continues as ThinkGeek has just started selling Superhero themed rain coats for kids. What? Like I don’t get wet in the rain? I don’t deserve to walk the streets dressed as Batman in dry comfort? There is also a Superman coat.  [Geekologie]

See, I knew it was trouble. Sure it’s nice to pretend you are the Dragonborn, but at what cost? The downside of Kinect for Skyrim  [Dorkly]


deviantARTist AfterlightRob has done something awesome. After about 35 hours to sculpt the head, more time to put it in a mold and cast it, and then another 8 or so hours to finish the paint, the end result was Frankenthulhu! Hit the link to check out more on my new favorite monster.  [Fashionablegeek]

Oh hang on now. First it’s the kids getting cool raincoats and now the ladies get superhero clothes? This is really not fair. The looking MARVELous Tumblr has a long list of Marvel Comics inspired outfits. From Cable to Dr. Doom and even Bucky Barnes. What, I don’t deserve to walk the streets dressed as Black Widow? …maybe I have said to much.  [GeeksAreSexy]

Johan Peitz’s Super Mario Summary, created for the latest Ludum Dare game development challenge, rebuilds the original Super Mario Bros., but with only one screen to represent each level.

Condensing the levels changes the entire style of the game, turning it into more of a puzzler. To get a top score on each screen, you’ll have to figure out how to get all the coins and hit the top of the flag.

Sounds easy, right? It’s not.[kotaku.]

Earths Mightiest Heroes… wait for a bus. Hilarity ensues. While the steady stream of Avengers parody videos continues,  has found a new (environmentally friendly) angle.

Do you need the latest Brentalfloss album early? Of course you do. You can now pre-order “Bits of Me” on his site, treat yourself, you deserve it. [brentalfloss]

Protip. If you are on the subway and you see an elderly Sith Lord, let him have your seat. Not only is it the polite thing to do, it might save you from the events depicted in Subwars, a very kickass Star Wars animated short. [ObviousWinner]

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