When I read about this my first reaction was, “Stephen King writes fantasy?” Yeah, sue me, I’m not familiar with a lot of King’s works, especially if it hasn’t been adapted into a major motion picture. But upon reading what The Eyes of the Dragon entails I’m definitely intrigued. For those, like me, who had no clue King wrote anything beyond the usual suspense and horror, here’s a quick outline,

Eyes details the crusade of Peter and Thomas, two princely brothers, to destroy the 400-year-old Flagg, the evil magician who threatens to control the kingdom of Delain after the death of their father, King Roland, who remained unwed until he was past 50. Flagg has imprisoned Peter, the heir apparent, on suspicion of murdering the king (actually it was Flagg who did it) and installed the profligate second son, an easier mark, on the throne. Surprisingly, Eyes is a gentle story, despite violence, gore and his standard vulgarity, because King has ingeniously interposed himself between reader and narrative as if he were telling the tale aloud, with a soothing cadence practically audible in the evocative prose.

Syfy has announced they’ll be bringing the book to television with a series written by Michael Taylor (Defiance, Battlestar Galactica) and Jeff Vintar (I, Robot) and Michael Taylor and Bill Haber on are executive producers. As of now there’s no more info than that.

Is this sudden interest in adapting programs based on fantasy novels due to the HUGE popularity of Game of Thrones? Well, duh. But Game of Thrones differs from most fantasy novels as their truly fantastical elements take a back seat for much of the series. Will audiences like a true fantasy genre show? I guess it all depends in its execution, and Syfy’s lined up good talent to take a swing at adapting Eyes.

What are your thoughts on Syfy wanting to bring King’s The Eyes of the Dragon to the small screen? Oh, and for those who’ve read the book, there are dragons in it, right? I’d hate if the title’s only a tease.

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