Jacob Fleisher, non-actor extraordinaire, is looking to generate market interest in his skills and perhaps get cast on a science fiction show.  While he is self-admittedly not an actor (unless you count his plethora of web-vids), he claims he has ambitions to be one, and the following video was the result of his efforts.

While the intro claims that he auditioning for “every sci-fi character from every sci-fi show.  Or movie.  Ever.” I think he may have missed a few.  Or a few hundred.  Still, the finished product is definitely entertaining if nothing else.

Mr. Fleisher may not be quite ready for the movies, but he certainly seems to be getting his name out to the public.  Or at least he’s managed to get a spot here at NerdBastards.

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Thanks to blastr for bringing Fleisher to our attention.

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