Hey Star War fans, have you heard the rumor that Disney Imagineers are looking to convert a section of one of their parks  into a Star Wars themed land complete with updated Star Tours, new stores and Mos Eisley Cantina restaurant? *gasps* how fun, right? Well, here’s a little caveat that may ruin your joy ride. The park in question is… Disneyland Paris. Oi! The French!? Curses!

The rumor first derived  from the Disneyland Paris Forums and has now been written about in detail by the Disney and More Blog. That writer claims to have confirmation that the Imagineers are indeed working on a more expansive Star Wars experience to surround the new Star Tours including a Jedi Academy, and possibly an eatery that looks like Mos Eisley Cantina, just to start. This will all take place in the Discoverland section of the park, taking over the current Captain Eo theater and its surrounding areas.

No disrespect to the French. Hell, I enjoy their fine food and hairy women (don’t judge me). The Eiffel Tower is pretty nice too. But, screw France, open it in our Disneyland!  Seriously, Walt Disneyland in California or Walt Disneyworld in Orlando, should be doing a Star Wars-themed land instead of an Avatar one. It’s more universally loved and provides so many more attraction options.

Disney has made no official announcement regarding a Star Wars themed land in its Paris park. It’s likely this is just rumor which sprouted from the parks plans to update it’s Star Tours ride (the last in Disney parks to do so). Regardless, a Star Wars theme park is way overdue. I really don’t care which park gets it, just make it happen.

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