Technically these still classify as rumors. In my opinion, rumors don’t become facts until they’ve been proven by either the movie itself or those involved in making the movie, and even then studios have been be prone to misdirection before. But Trek Movie, the ever reputable Star Trek movie website, has been able to confirm these spoilers through “multiple sources”, giving them a bit more credence than your usual rumor.

What are they? They’re BIG spoilers, I can tell you that! Hit the jump to learn three very interesting “facts” about Star Trek 2.

Obvious spoiler warning is obvious.

1. Leonard Nimoy will return as Spock Prime.  Nimoy himself let this slip when he spoke to CNN last week and now Ain’t It Cool News is also reporting he returned to film a bit for the sequel. I wouldn’t expect to see Nimoy playing a role as vital as his was for the first Trek film, but I can’t say I’m surprised he’ll be in the sequel. Still, it contradicts what we were hearing earlier on.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan. Trek Movie claims they are now able to confirm Cumberbatch will be the exiled Eugenics War leader Khan Noonien Singh. Though obviously, with a different genetic makeup. They also report Star Trek 2 won’t be rehashing The Original Series episode, “Space Seed.” Those leaked images featuring a fight fight with Spock make more sense now. And I know Cumberbatch will put in an amazing performance no matter what, but I am disappointed to hear they’re choosing to revisit one of Star Trek‘s most famous villains, again.

3. The Klingons will appear. And not in a short clip that can easily be cut in editing. Now we’ve got Khan and the Klingons? Doesn’t this sound like a bit too much for one movie? The whole premise of the alternate timeline was brilliant and I thought the point was so they could free themselves from being bound by The Original Series’ continuity. So, why again are we rehashing Khan and the Klingons? I can only they’ve re-imagined them in some ingenious way which takes advantage of the new timeline.

What do you think? Should we believe ’em? If they are true is it what you expected from the sequel?

Source: Trek Movie

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