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ABOVE: Professional cosplayer Jessica Nigiri does Ash from Pokemon. Well, yeah, she doesn’t “do” him, but ya know what I mean. Photography by 12 North Photography. Check out more cosplay hotties at Comic Book Movie.

Speaking of Pokemon, did Suzanne Collins or rather the cover designer for The Hunger Games series rip of Pokemon? I’m sure it’s only coicidence but those kids could have used a few Pokemon in the arena. I choose you Pikachu, as tribute! (Geek Tyrant)

Joe Allard and Tom Gilliland sculpted this amazing statue of Ben Kenobi, Desert Nomad for Sideshow Collectibles. Man, I want a movie about this guy! Their concept was to, “imagine the life of Kenobi as he became the reclusive, mystical figure of Tatooine.”

It also allowed us to have fun imagining both Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as the character, but at different ages than we have seen them in the films. 

The statue was sculpted in castiline and wax, with a sculpey base. Some of the lightsabers were sculpted by hand, and Tusken Raider weapons were output from digital models (which is why they look clear).

For more images jump over to Geek Tyrant.

Damn! That’s some impressive Colossus body paint. And I don’t even think he needed to paint in that six pack. Lookin’ nice. (Fashionably Geek)

Whenever I see a badass Wonder Woman cosplay, like above, it just boggles my mind no can see the movie potential! See more of Adam Jay’s awesome cosplay photography over at Comic Book Movie.

Ladies, or guys not afraid of a little eye liner, want to make a smash appearance opening night of The AvengersJangsara has created a bevy of eye makeup designs based on the heroes. Hint, you might need a friend to help out, these designs are intricate. But how cool is the Nick Fury design incorporating the eye patch!? (Fashionably Geek)

And the award for coolest headboard ever goes to these guys. Good have used a better comforter, somehow the patchwork quilt doesn’t go with the crew of the Satellite of Love. But just think of the witty commentary they could supply for your bedroom activities! (Boing Boing)


It’s every superhero movie, ever. Even those you tried so hard to forget. Youtuber sleepyskunk created this 5 minute montage in honor of the upcoming super, superhero team up, The Avengers. Wow, superhero movies have come a long way. (Geekologie)

Mr. Garrison gave an interesting history lesson on a recent South Park. In class the kids learned all about the struggles of the Baratheons against the Targaryens, and the role the Starks played in all this. What, this isn’t what you learned about in history? I feel sorry for you. (Kotaku)

YouTuber RockyPlanetesimal‘s “Go Right” is a stunning tribute to the first leasson we all learned about side-scrolling video games, when in doubt just keep going right. All right, who’s busting out an old console after watching this? (TDW: Geek)


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