Russell T. Davies, the — shall we say — step father of the new Doctor Who series, is working on a new BBC sci-fi series called Wizards vs. Aliens now that the Doctor is off playing with Mr. Moffat.  I’m not really impressed by the lack of creativity in its naming but knowing Davies’ work, I’m sure we have lots of quirky fun ahead of us.

The first official photo has been released as well as the official synopsis of the new TV series.

This photo shows Benny Sherwood and Tom Clarke (played by Scott Haran and Percelle Ascott) ever-so-calmly hanging out behind a shed.  Probably because they’re playing with their alien friends.  Or something.  (That was sarcasm, guys.)

And here’s the synopsis:

Tom Clarke is a seemingly ordinary boy who loves football. He lives with his dad Michael and grandmother Ursula in an ordinary house in an ordinary street – but there’s something different about Tom. He has an astonishing secret – his family are Wizards! When the alien Nekross arrive on Earth hungry for magic, there’s big, big trouble in store for all wizardkind.
With the help of his friend and science super-brain Benny, Tom must stop them – but will these two unlikely heroes succeed, or will the Nekross devour all the magic on Earth with disastrous results for the whole planet?

Could be lots of wacky fun.  What d’you guys think?

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