One of the knocks against the last few Marvel movies has been their need to tease The Avengers while shortchanging their own stories. Luke Gallagher and I mentioned this as one the reasons why we”re apprehensive about the future of Marvel films, and it’s on the mind of others, including Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who told Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest:

I think it will feel less overt now. Most people, most audience members, don’t keep track of it. The people who do know say ‘Oh, they only did this to lead into that!’ Maybe they’ll still do that with our next few movies, but it ‘ll be much less overt. I think they’ll be more likely to go, ‘What the fuck do they do now? How the fuck do they get to Avengers 2 now?’ Which I actually like.

This is encouraging, but not exactly set in stone. For one thing, possible S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hawkeye movies seem to demand a place in The Avengers continuity, and other Marvel movies that are on the horizon, films based on Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, and The Inhumans, might feel out of place if there is no connection, though they certainly could live on their own.

The reward for Marvel (and for audiences) is a batch of stronger films that aren’t limited by what another creative team is doing with The Avengers, or Thor, or Captain America.  The challenge: these are also somewhat more obscure characters to the non-comic-fanboy world, and while they bring with them their own built-in audience, introducing these characters to a wide audience without tying them to the Avengers narrative robs them of a big coming out party and/or a safety net.

It’s rare that a large company takes a risk, but with that said, Iron Man was a “risk” like this once upon a time, so all Marvel has to do to make sure that their gamble pays off (should they pull away from The Avengers-verse) is make exceptionally charming, and amazing movies that are perfectly cast. Seems simple enough.

Source: Badass Digest

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