Disney’s latest addition to the TRON world, TRON: Uprising, takes this classic into the realm of cartoons to continue…er, add to the story that fans have seen thus far.  The new cartoon will take place in the gap between the first TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy (2010) and will not, as far as we’ve been told, be featuring a creepy CGI-headed Jeff Bridges.  It will, if the trailers are a good representation of what’s to come, be pretty freakin’ awesome.

The story will follow a program named Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood).  Beck is a mechanic on The Grid whose friend is killed by evil-bad-guy Clu and his evil-bad-guy henchman General Tesler.  In order to get revenge, Beck trains under the legendary Tron, takes on his identity and devotes himself to freeing the Grid from its overabundance of evil-bad-guys.

Here is Disney’s latest trailer to tease you and make you want to watch it:

Though we all know how this ends if we’ve seen TRON: Legacy, it still looks to be a pretty amazing production.  Personally, I’m praying to every God whose name I can Google that Disney decided to keep the Daft Punk epic soundtrack.

A prelude to the show, titled TRON Uprising: Beck’s Beginning will be airing on the Disney Channel on May 18th and the full series will begin on Disney XD on Thursday, June 7th.


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