As you may have heard, The Avengers is opening this weekend. Rumor has it that the Joss Whedon directed super hero epic will make some bank…a lot of bank. Seriously, we’re talking gobs of money. Enough to make Scrooge McDuck envious. How much exactly? Deadline is reporting that the movie could end up making $585 million dollars worldwide through Sunday. It could end up pulling in $160 million when it opens in North America this weekend and $425 million when it debuts in Russia and China, giving it the grand total of… “Oh, stop it, you”. Suffice to say, it’s shaping up to become insanely huge, and I can’t see a movie more deserving than that. Good on Marvel and Whedon, good on them.

If anything, I’m just happy to know a nerd-centric film will be bumping Twilight off the list “Top 5 of biggest opening weekends”. Amen to that, right?

See what the critics are saying about “Marvel’s The Avengers” in this new TV spot for the film (above).

Source: Deadline


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