With Game of Thrones co-creator Alan Taylor in the directors chair for the second Thor movie should we expect the god of thunder to be a little more like Thrones? Well Chris Hemsworth hopes so, to say the least.

While touring the world, collecting high-fives for The Avengers, Hemsworth spoke briefly to MTV about the sequel and what he hopes Taylor will bring to Thor 2.

“[Game of Thrones] had a real mythical element to it, but it was rooted in such an organic and tangible world. I think Asgard could really benefit from that sort of a grittier, aged feel to it and not so ethereal,” he said. “The big thing about the comics for me was the origin story. Thor was interesting, but what I found more fascinating was the other worlds and realms that you can be taken off into.”

Hmmm, I am not to sure about that, to be honest. Maybe it was just the use of the word ‘grittier’ that irked me. To many superhero movies go gritty these days. Besides, a more Game of Thrones styled Thor means what, exactly? More boobs and midgets..? Wait that might be kind of awesome.

You can watch the whole interview below:

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