Vote Now For LEGO Firefly Playset

Firefly fans everywhere would probably knock over their own grandmother to get at this proposed LEGO Firefly Playset. Tbone_tbl put together this great looking LEGO Serenity and posted it to the LEGO CUUSOO site.

Now the set just needs 10,000 votes to get LEGO to consider the set for production. As of the writing of this post the vote count is sitting at 6927. This NerdBastard is sure that many of you would love to have the chance to get this set for yourselves or your children.

Let’s see if we can push this vote over the 10K mark!

Planned Features:
* movable loading ramp
* cockpit capable of fitting 1 minifig
* light up firefly drive
* playable dining area and cargo hold
* rotating engines

Check out the pictures below:

LEGO sent a nice little note when the votes reached 500:


Congratulations on all of the supporters! We’re quite impressed with the quality of work and the level of thought you have put into creating this beloved ship from the Firefly series. You’ve included a lot of detail and used many great building techniques. Your ship has personality, and we like it.

Best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!


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