The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh, and they draw a lot too. Sure, sometimes it’s 50 new rage faces (please stop by the way) or pictures of ligers. Why is it always ligers?

Other times? Oh those other times… it;s fantastic and magical drawings that make the imagination soar and the geek spirit reach new heights.

It’s time for a Nerd Art Dump.

ABOVE: The next time you watch Masters of the Universe remember to see it from the other perspective.  He-man wasn’t the big hero that he appeared to be on TV. He was actually just another muscle bound jock picking on poor skinny Skeletor, trying to make his way through the day. What a jerk. [Geek Diaper]

Hit the jump for a Doctor Who/Peanuts mash-up, Ghostbusters and MOAR!

Artist Des Taylor has created an amazing collection of  retro covers for Live Magazine, the non-existent publication that features the heroes of Marvel and DC every week. From a cover of Wonder Woman laying in bed with photos of herself (hot) to the red-headed Mary Jane Watson in a bikini top (hotter). Sign us up for the imaginary 52 week subscription, the check is in the mail. [The Mary Sue]

He’s done everything from original work, twists on Japanese anime, but Dave Rapoza‘s coolest work has to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection. From all four of our favourite turtles, Ms. O’neil and Casey Jones to the dreaded Shredder, it’s the all-star cast how they would actually look. Dave, we tip our shells to you sir.  [Dave Rapoza]

Created by an artist simply known as Glen, this illustration blends the Real Ghostbusters with their live action counter-parts the real Ghostbusters and looks oddly creepy and wonderful at the same time. Thanks to legal issues back in the day, this was something us young nerds never got to see… and now you have. [The Autumn Society]

At one time China was at the forefront of ancient technology, but can you just imagine playing one of Desmond Miles’ descendants as they fight on the great wall of China, epic. Should the developers of Assassin’s Creed ever need ideas for their next title in their blockbuster gaming franchise, they need to pick up Deviantart’s ChaoyuanXu and sign him on after seeing awesome artwork like this. It’ll be like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but with bloodier action sequences. [Geek Tyrant]

Bobba Fett spent the remainder of his life inside the belly of a Sarlacc thanks to the blind shooting of Han Solo, but maybe it wasn’t all pain and 1000 years of digestion. Maybe it turned into love. [Geek Diaper]

Hello, my sweet baboo. Aninhat-t does some wicked Doctor Who mash-ups, like this adorable take on Peanuts‘ Linus and Sally as the Doctor and River Song. The only thing missing is a tiny Ood resting on top of the police box and this is set for the next Doctor Who Christmas special. Check out more of Aninhat-t’s work on redbubble. [The Mary Sue]

Created as part of Catwoman Issue #43, the almost hyper-realistic scenery alone is worth the talents of the one simply know as Jock. Taking Gotham’s femme fatale feline, in her classic skin-tight costume, and placing her mid-air, classy. Easy to see why sometimes you need a Jock to get stuff done.

[Geek Tyrant]

No doubt about it, Joss Whedon is an *expletive deleted* genius, but he has a tendency to kill off popular characters – remember Serenity? Given that Cap, Thor, Iron Man and even the Hulk have sequels already lined up, leaving poor Hawkeye to be “forced sacrificed”. Hey, the rules of “Not it” apply to the super powered too, just like everyone else. [Draw2D2]

I’ve personally always had a bit of a soft spot for Ridley Scott‘s Blade Runner, so to see this poster by James White is a real treat for the eyes. Using only a handful of colors James created a poster worthy of the 80’s Sci-Fi classic and and fanboy (or fangirl) lair. [/Film]

Finally, we bring you a brilliant mix of the insane with My Neighbor Jake, a combination of Adventure Time and Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro. Created by JJ Harrison, this wonderful moving picture has already received over 25,000 views from the Adventure Time art blog and is currently being featured in the Adventure Time art show, running till May 5th. Just goes to show that being a huge fan of a cartoon show will get you places. [BAM POP!]

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