New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Hits the Web

This has been, undeniably, one of the biggest weeks in comic book movie history with the looming premier of The Avengers, the already impressive foreign box office figures that are upping forecasts on the Marvel team-up epic, and the extraordinary Dark Knight Rises trailer. Now, add the latest Amazing Spider-Man trailer to the mix. Take a look and we’ll discuss after the jump.

Alright, so that was splendid and I’ll tell you why — a more self-assured, funny Spider-Man in and out of the suit. I love a smart-assed Spidey, and I appreciate that this trailer seems like it is trying to pull away from advertising this as a fresh start, or a reboot (even if it sort of is). So far, it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man has a few more levels than most cynics had counted on, and as one of those cynics who thoroughly loathe the idea of another origin story, i am beginning to thaw. So, what do you think, let us know if the comment section?

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