After the shit show that was my high school production of the musical, Little Shop of Horrors, I thought that would be the last of it I’d see in my lifetime.  I thought I’d escaped it.  Apparently not.

Warner Bros. is considering remaking it, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing and starring and possibly with screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa writing the thing.

Some sources are saying that JGL and Aguirre-Sacasa are great choices to get this show on the road; one can sing and act and the other is a decent writer.  Whether or not that is the case, I’d like to call attention to the fact that this is another remake out of the 73628 we’ve seen recently.  Even if this is the right time with the right people…  What the goddamn fuck happened to Hollywood creativity?  The magic of Hollywood apparently now lies in re-creation.

This story has received quite a bit of love over the decades: it started in the 1930s and became two movies, a musical play and an animated series.  Now… it’ll be another musical movie.  Go figure.

We may soon have yet another adventure in the little shop, little shop of horrors where suddenly, Seymour has completely disappeared and ohmygoddon’tfeedtheplants.

Check out the trailer of the 1986 Warner Bros. rendition of Little Shop of Horrors.

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