Marvel Studios top man, Kevin Feige, took a break from swimming Scrooge McDuck style in the giant pile of money that The Avengers made to talk to Superhero Hype about the future of the Marvel movie universe. Covering such topics as the rights to some Marvel characters being locked up by Sony or Fox (his response was coy and evasive as usual) and such up coming projects as Doctor Strange (also coy and evasive, yet promising). The whole interview is well worth the ready, which you can do here, but just wanted to take a small slice out that stood out. While talking about the various producers involved in the company’s many projects, he dropped this.

“Co-president Louis D’Esposito who’s executive producer on all the movies and who even directed a little something that we’re going to reveal in the coming months.”

Oooooooooh, Feige you tease. What could this be? More shorts based around a character we’ve already seen? Something new? Is it in anyway shape or form possible they could have secretly made a feature length movie without anyone knowing? Ant-Man? Someone else?

Wild fanboy speculation starts now!

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