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ABOVE: Fight crime and stay cool in this Wonder Woman Bikini. If it’s good enough for an amazon princess…and tattooed hipsters , then it’s good enough for you. [FashionablyGeek]

Mom of the year, Heather Sitarzewski made -ridiculously awesome- bento’s every day for her son lunches this school year. Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds, Disney Characters, Muppets and many more. Damn, what a cool mom. I’m so jealous. All my mom ever gave me was a paper bag with a note that said “good luck, fucker”.  [boingboing]

Rick Hamel built this badass R/C dragon called “Mythical Beast” which measures over 7′ in length and has a wingspan of 9′. The dragon took over a year to construct and consists of over 60 molded parts. Power is provided by a Jetcat P80 Kerostart turbine while a fire-breathing effect is achieved with liquid propane and a stun gun. I wonder if, like in The Hobbit, this dragon has a weak spot under it’s belly.  [NerdApproved]

This zombie (least I think it’s zombie) Wolverine and Nightcrawler (or is that supposed to be Avatar?) skin art is officially the worst super hero tattoo ever! Eh, it’s still a better love story than Twilight. [geekologie]

We all know that Total Recall, the soon to be rebooted, was based off the classic Philip K. Dick’s  short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, but did you know that before Paul Verhoeven made  it in the 1990’s David Cronenberg was going to do it in the 80’s?

Io9 has released artist Ron Miller’s concept art based on Cronenberg’s pitch. Before you ask, no sign of a 3 boobed space hooker. Consider that a bullet dodged. [io9.]


Today is #StarWars and #Avengers day. May the Fourth be with you . . .as you fight the crowds at ‘The Avengers’ showings.

If you’re going to Cosplay as Iron Man, you either go hard or go home, but this genius Cosplayer went full retard. Master Le’s Iron Man Mark 7 Suit completely astonishes me. It has shoulder weapons that are motorized, a retractable jet pack and more. Imma gonna go sit in the corner and cry at how untalented I am in comparison to Master Le. [OW]

Dude, I’m a lazy mother fucker. Anything that requires meticulous work and patience and I’m like “I’m outta here”. Same with this Super Mario Brothers automaton instructional video. I would so love to do this, but I am far too lazy. I would ruin it so fast. Still cool though.    [GeeksAreSexy]

Nerd rapper  Adam WarRock has made a hip-hop track about Game of Thrones, entitled “When the Winter Comes.” Usually I do not listening to rap, but this is awesome. [igeektrooper.]

This is a video of Allie Goertz and friend singing a song she wrote about The Hobbit. She writes, “Megan Barrett and I sing a song I wrote inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. The song starts from the point of view of Bilbo and shifts to Gandalf’s as Bilbo takes on a life changing journey.” [Geekologie]

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