In the midst of his world record signing session in Vegas, John Romita Jr., the illustrator of the Kick Ass comic books, was asked about the current state of Kick Ass 2.

Instead of just toying with people and giving a half-assed answer or cracking a cheap joke, Romita gave an answer that everyone wanted to hear. According to him, production on the sequel is not only ready to go, but shooting is set to begin as early as this summer – right on time for a release date next May. As an added bonus, John even alluded to an animated sequence for the film, but the details are still fuzzy at this time.

Now… this all sounds fantastic because Romita is an outstanding artist, but fans are slightly worried about the leading lady, Chloe Mortez and her role in the upcoming film. Since director Matthew Vaughn has stepped back to co-write and produce, a new director may not be the only thing we see next May.

With Moretz about to start shooting the Carrie remake at the start of June as well as Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, it seems unlikely that she’d return as Hit-Girl. She was 11 years old at the time of the first film, and Chloe has since grown out of her weapon-laced super suit and into a more mature young lady. So it’s entirely possible that the studio may cast someone else to play Hit-Girl.

What do you think? Should Moretz step aside and allow a new youngin to take on the mantel of Hit-Girl or should the studio allow for an older looking heroine?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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