We knew it would be big, but I don’t know that we knew it would be this big. The House of Mouse (Disney) has sent out a press release tabbing The Avengers‘ opening tally at a record shattering $200.3 million, the previous record holder was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which took in $169.2 million last July. Astonishing, astounding, amazing? You’re damn skippy, but the film’s total, domestic plus international take so far, that’s the real bombshell: $641.8 million.

Right now, that makes The Avengers the 55th highest grossing film of all time. That means The Avengers has already beat the total take of Captain America,: The First Avenger, Thor, Iron Man, and Iron Man 2. That’s how all of this starts, the question is, where does it finish? At this point it seems like a foregone conclusion that the film will top a billion dollars, especially since the upcoming release schedule doesn’t really present a challenge until Battleship in 2 weeks, unless you count Dark Shadows as competition for The Avengers, and I surely don’t. Even then, Battleship could boom or bust. Is it the next Transformers, or is it the next Cowboys and Aliens?

What happens after a billion though? At that point, The Avengers will be just shy of becoming the highest earning Disney made film of all time and just shy of surpassing The Dark Knight to become the highest earning superhero film of all time, and what happens then. Can The Avengers climb to $1.5 billion, can it crack the top 5, can it surpass $2 billion or the $2.7 billion dollars that Avatar made to claim the top spot of all time? Time will tell, but with an unheard of A+ Cinemascore, and a 94% “Fresh” rating on RottenTomatoes.com amongst critics, there is no telling where this thing will end up.

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