Geek scientists around the world have been trying for years to duplicate the almighty icon of the Jedi – the lightsaber.  And though this invention has seen many less-than adequate incarnations, it still remains a piece of science fiction for the most part.

Laser technology manufacturers Wicked Lasers is now saying that they’ve made something that almost lives up to the awesome that a true lightsaber is.  Dubbed the “Laser Saber”, this is pretty much the same thing they’d produced more than a year ago, but now with a fancy Lucas-inspired housing that will no doubt bring copyright lawyers down on their heads.

The Laser Saber takes the world’s most powerful legally-owned laser and puts a big handle on it so the owner can swing it around.  It won’t cut through limbs yet, but the laser is known for being not quite so safe.  Shining the laser in someone’s eyes may blind them permanently and aiming it at someone’s skin will give them a nasty burn.  Wicked Lasers warns users of their faux-saber to not screw around with it and to wear laser glasses any time it’s turned on.

Admittedly, a working lightsaber is not something that would be classified as a toy by any means.  And this toned-down version is no exception to that rule.

Most videos of the Laser Saber look none-too-impressive, though here’s a marketing video that makes the laser look cooler than it probably is:


Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads up.

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