One of the things that makes Game of Thrones, and the book series it’s based on, so fascinating is the rich world building and history created by George R.R. Martin. You could study Westeros as if it were a real point in history because, hell, we know more about it than we do actual points in history!

Included in the special features on Game of Thrones Season One Blu-ray is an awesome collection of featurettes which explain in detail the complicated history and mythos of Westeros. There are features on the different houses and their lineage, the religions, certain orders and important events. Basically, if you’re watching the show and need to understand how groups of people relate to each other, or don’t understand why one family loathes another, here’s your homework.

Thanks to Youtuber Will & Grace, all these featurettes have been uploaded and collected in one excellent playlist. Get crackin’! Test on Friday.

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