For the last year or so, master filmmaker Ron Howard has been trying to get his Stephen King’s The Dark Tower project up and running, but has been experiencing more than a few snags.  The project has undergone many possible incarnations, from film to television to a combination of the two, the most ambitious being a three film set with two made-for-television movies to tide fans over from film to film.

King’s tale is an epic science fiction/western story set across a multitude of books and, given the nature of the writing, would translate well into the visual medium.  Unfortunately, Universal Pictures decided that the budget was looking too intense for them and bailed on the project, leaving Howard hanging.

Seriously?  Ron Howard is onboard and Universal doesn’t want to open their wallets?  Not to mention that Javier “I’m-so-scary-I-will-give-you-nightmares” Bardem was lined up to play the lead role.  Sounds like a recipe for big monies.

But, hark!  There may yet be hope, Dark Tower fans.  Ron Howard tweetered the other day, letting people know that he hasn’t given up on the project quite yet.

Spent day today in a story session on…DarkTower:-) Terrific meeting w/ Akiva Goldsman & Erica Huggins No timetables but very positive

Why he is thinking positively is as-of-yet unknown.  Could he be gimping the budgetary requirements to satisfy the overlords with the cash?  Or did Warner Brother, who has shown interest in picking up the lost project, decide that they’re willing to fund it in all its glory?

Only time will tell.  Though either way, seeing The Dark Tower on the big screen would be truly epic.  I encourage people to keep their fingers crossed and make ritual sacrifices to the Gods of Film Budgeting.


Thanks to screenrant for the heads-up.

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