Sex With The Hulk

Sex with The Hulk would be… unfortunate. Even if he was in control of himself long enough to not leave your body looking like the aftermath of a Gallagher show, you’d still have to deal with DAT DICK! My god, The Hulk’s wang must be massive. Just a big, fat, veiny, angry looking cock with balls the size of basketballs. If his dong doesn’t split you in half, the gamma blast from his dick hole would shotgun it’s way through your freaking skull. Hmmm…I’ve obviously put some thought into this,  is it too late to call “No homo”? Point is, no va-jay-jay, short of Ms. Marvel, could receive The Hulks massive member. Yet, I’m sure there are plenty of real girls out there who have fantasized about being ravaged by this green giant. They crave Hulks not so eenie meanie.

Anyhow, here’s a COLLEGE HUMOR video about it. Sadly, it doesn’t end with sexual partners exploding from the inside.

Jesus lady! It only looks small in comparison to his leg muscles.

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