‘Kick-Ass 2’ Gearing Up to Kick Your Ass!

Alright geeks, prepare to soil your underpants with delight – cause it looks like Kick Ass 2 is just about ready to be greenlighted for production.

Kick Ass (the first) was by-far one of the coolest super-hero movies of all time and fans everywhere (or at least fans in my house) have been eagerly awaiting news of the potential sequel.  Creator of Kick Ass, Mark Millar has been vocally maintaining the inevitability of this project, but it’s been two years and people are growing impatient.  Now, Universal Pictures has decided that the time is upon us and fans may finally get what they need to feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Jeff Wadlow, the man behind the script for the new flick, has been chosen to direct it as well.  He’s taking over for Matthew Vaughn, who has been slotted to direct the sequel to X-Men: First Class (hellz yeah!).  Those in the know may recognize Wadlow’s name from such cinematic tripe as Cry Wolf and Never Back Down (no offense to those that enjoy tripe).  It remains to be seen if he can bring to the table what is necessary to create a successful Kick Ass sequel.

Talks are underway with former cast members to get them onboard, but if everything works out then August is a likely date for production to begin.  Most of the cast has expressed interest in returning to the franchise, so talks are more of a technicality than anything.

If Wadlow follows Mark Millar’s original Kick Ass 2 comic series, the movie should involve Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl gathering a super-team to battle against Red Mist and his army of evil-bad-guys.  If he does not follow the original, then God knows what may happen.

Note: This project is not officially greenlighted yet!  If the movie falls through, please refrain from sending me or anyone else at Nerdbastards hate mail telling us what lying pricks we are.


Thanks to Deadline for giving us the word on this.

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