For the last few days I’ve had a beaming smile, a skip in my step and an inclination to say “Excelsior”. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? I had sex! That… and I saw Joss Whedon‘s super hero epic The Avengers. Man, oh man, was that a good flick. Strike that. It was more than good. It was GREAT! It had everything: style, swagger and substance. It was an assembly line of awesome. It’s pure fun and fan serviceable.

I saw the film this past Sunday. It’s now Wednesday and I’m still fucking jizzed (meant “jazzed” but I’m not changin’ it) about it. I’m one of the most cynical bastards out there and I’m happy as a mother fucker. I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. I mean come on, those massive-scale battle sequences, how consistently funny it was, how the heroes have more story and advancement than they did in their own movies… and let’s not forget what The Hulk did to Loki. Honestly, this is probably as good as comic-book movies come.

Anyhow, I’m sure you’ve had your fill at my shameless attempt at quote fishing (even though it’s all honest feedback), however, other members of the bastard cast saw it too (100 nerd demerits to those that still haven’t seen it). I thought it’d be fun if you heard a little of what they had to say about the film. Feel free to piggy-back by sounding off in the comments below.

WARNING: Spoilers galore!

From Chris D.:

It was pure fuckin’ brilliance. All of the elements of the movie came together in the best way possible with amazing visuals, great acting, phenomenal writing and everything else that goes into movie making magic. I loved that they stayed true to the spirit of every character and allotted the time and space to develop each personality on screen so that the non-comic-book-nerds out there were able to walk away thinking that they knew who each person was. The execution of the group dynamic was amazing; the chemistry was there and all the right pieces were in play with just the right amount of humor and… BADABOOMBA!

I can’t pinpoint any favorite scenes because they were all badass and I was definitely quoting the whole film from beginning to end for days (I still am, actually). Although I do have to say that I had a strange craving for shawarma afterwards.
I have only one complaint and it isn’t even a big deal.But c’mon… Acura? Really?

All in all, it was deliciously fantastic. And I can’t wait to watch it again. And again. And again.

So. Badass.

2nd best scene in the movie

From Adam Donaldson:

My first thought as the credits rolled on The Avengers was, “He did it! That son of a gun! That old such-and-such Joss Whedon actually did it!” Whedon did the impossible and took the numerous personalities and expectations of an Avengers movie and knocked it out of the park. The Avengers was everything a movie called “The Avengers” should have been: great action with thrilling set pieces, but at the same time emotionally complex, with great character moments, genuine drama and several instances of hilarity. But that’s the analytical right brain talking, the critics’ brain, the more nerd friendly left brain was freaking out hours after the end of the show. The Avengers were a movie, and that movie was very, very good.

The more miraculous thing was that the film carried the stamp of Whedon all over it. From typical snark to the odd pop culture reference to the, uh, misfortune that befalls one of the characters, it’s all signature Whedon. As consequence, all the actors step up their game, and in the peculiar case of Robert Downey, Jr., Whedon’s able to get him to take a little step back. The result is that The Avengers feels like an ensemble film, a true team effort, which is right in Whedon’s wheel house and maybe why getting a Wonder Woman movie off the ground somewhat eluded him. But aside from the Hollywood politics, Whedon proved a filmmaker can put his unique stamp on a blockbuster film, and perhaps going forward, that’s something Marvel Studios can keep in mind rather continually reaching out to “guns for hire.”

Long story short, The Avengers was every bit as good as it could have been, and as every bit as good as we deserved to get.

From Jason Tabrys:

I’m not, for one, reeling in the awesomeness of The Avengers; I’m sort of wrapped up in confusion and dashed expectations. The second act lagged, the Whedon humor was hilarious but overdone, there was zero character development, and things like how Thor got back to Earth and how the Hulk gained control of his Hulkness were either clumsily explained or completely left without answer. I liked The Avengers for its big dumb fun, but I wanted more. To read a fuller explanation of my problems with The Avengers go here.

From Sarah Moran:

Ahh, The Avengers. It seems all anyone’s been talking about. As they should be. Besides being both the first blockbuster smash hit of the year it’s also a damn fine film with plenty of reasons to enjoy it again and again. It’s also the perfect “event” movie to ring in the summer blockbuster season. As of this posting, I’ve seen The Avengers three times. Believe me, I’m as poor as a church mouse like the rest of you, but one of my many side jobs is working at a little, single screen movie theatre that just so happened to book The Avengers. I get the feeling I’ll be hanging out there a lot over these few weeks. But that’s how I can attest to its re-watch-ability! Every time you watch The Avengers it’s just as fun as the first time. In fact, it might be better. A few things I found issue with when I first watched it, like the slow pace of the first act, I enjoyed more when I watched it again. I think it’s because I knew the incredible payoff that is a whole 40 minutes of action and epic battles was coming. The plotting was just perfect, everything happened when you wanted it, building to one hell of a climax and then slowly fading through the credits to a fuckin’ funny post script.

There’s just so much to love: everything The Hulk did, especially to Loki, and the fact that Black Widow had purpose beyond looking so sexy, though I lament Hawkeye was sort of the odd man out with little to do. The tension between Cap and Iron Man, and even better, the rapport between Banner and Stark. The sadness and feeling of “the weight of the world on his shoulders” Sam Jackson brought to Fury. COULSON! I could just go on and on! Actually, wait, I already did in this week’s episode of Nerds Say What!?, listen to our totally Avengers-ized episode here.

Makes me want to cry
From Nick Bungay:

Joss Whedon has done it again: he rolled 3 separate franchises and multiple characters into the perfect family film. The concept of The Avengers alone was worth taking a look at: super powered egos forced to co-exist as a team while the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Until The Dark Knight Rises comes out, this film will continue to get all my money.

With a stellar cast ranging from the likes of the always funny Robert Downey Jr. to the super serious looking Jeremy Renner, everyone fits their roles to a tee. Whedon somehow manages to blend the perfect amount of action, comedy and drama into everything he touches and turns it into straight gold. If I didn’t know any better, I’d call the man a wizard.

From Matthew Jackson:

I saw The Avengers a good week and a half before everyone else I know did, so for a week and a half I was bombarded with the question “So, is it better than Dark Knight?”

Part of me wants to say that’s not fair, that they’re so different that comparisons don’t make sense, but that’s useless at this point. No, it’s not better than Dark Knight. At least, not for me. I’m a Batman geek, so I’m horribly biased, but The Dark Knighthit me on a much more visceral level. It was a more moving film, a more layered film, a film that carried with it all kinds of moral and philosophical and primal implications wrapped in an action movie’s slick visage.That said, The Avengers is the most fun I’ve ever had at a movie theater, and I never wanted it to be the same kind of movie that Dark Knight is. We didn’t need an Avengers morality play. We needed Avengersto be the ultimate dose of superhero badass, and that’s what we got. This is an endlessly watchable joy of a movie, and I can’t say enough about how damn good I felt walking out of it. Also, how cool was it to see Hulk punch that space snake?

Best scene in the movie

From: Jason McAnelly:

There was so much hype around this film, I went into it expecting to either be blown away or pissed as hell. With Joss Whedon at the helm, the former was far more likely. Turns out, I was not disappointed.

The Avengers takes comic book films to a whole new level. Admittedly, Whedon had a number of other films to form the foundation for his project, but he still managed to give it his own touch and not rely too much on the previous films. Even if none of the other flicks had ever been made, The Avengers still fed the audience enough information so that they could easily understand what was going on.

Many people are going to walk into this film expecting epic action scenes with shit blowing up and awesome powers being used in ass-kicking ways that leave the viewer with a major nerd-boner. These people will have their own expectations knocked out of the water. The action is the most spectacular that any comic book film has seen as of yet. No matter how long the fights go on, the pacing is kept up and new and interesting things happen that don’t go so over-the-top as to leave you annoyed .

And although the action is indeed epic, what really holds the film together is Joss Whedon’s mastery of fleshing out characters.All the characters in the film have a place. This is a sharp contrast to most other super-hero team films, where a handful of characters get the spotlight and the rest are relegated to being in the background until their powers are needed. Even X-Men: First Class, which I loved to death, followed this standard formula. But Whedon managed to give every single character (even the rather secondary Agent Coulson) just enough well-written and relevant lines to put them into the third-dimension.

When these two elements combined they formed a force of nature that has once again raised the bar for super hero films. Between this Nolan’s Dark Knight series, future directors have quite the task ahead of them if they wish to be anything other than mediocre in the eyes of fans.

Oh, and make sure you wait until the very end of the credits. Seriously. Best scene in the film.

From: Jeremy R! Hudson

Why the hell is this movie getting so much nerd love?  It completely ignores the source material for some senseless pop culture cash grab. It relies on purely on star names to bring you in but delivers a sub-par rendition of a much loved franchise.  Yes, Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes give a surface performance as the characters they are to portray and  Sean Connery as the villain as ‘neat’ at least  but….

What?  S#!t, you mean the movie based on the Marvel comic directed by Joss Whedon? Oh no, that was good. Really good.

Ok, this has been said before but it is very true. The Avengers is the best comic book movie ever. Bar none. Joss Whedon has successfully translated the four colour world to the silver screen. It is literally the greatest motion comic ever made. Is it enjoyable? Hell yes. Iron Man and friends plays out exactly as it should and deserves all the big sugary comments it’s getting. You can photocopy the scenes into pages and they play out perfectly.


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