A few video game trailers hit the web today and I can (almost) guarantee you’re excited for at least one of them. One is the hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed III, another is the final DLC pack to cap off Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, and the third is a Transformers game based off the awesome ‘toon, Transformers Prime. Okay, I’ll admit I might be the only one excited about Transformers Prime, but I’m telling you guys, the show is superb and I hope so is the game.

Let’s check out this Assassin’s Creed III trailer which provides us our first look at some gameplay.

Holy. Shit. I feel more patriotic already. I was already hooked by the premise, Assassin’s in America, but after this trailer? Excuse me while I go pre-order. NOW. The game looks incredible! I was a little concerned about how things would transition to the American Revolution setting, for instance how easy would it be to use sneak attacks or quick escapes in a forest? Well, the trailer has abated any concerns I had. I mean, did you see it!?! You can assassinate a bear! Fine, you just kill it but I’d like to imagine that bear was on someone’s hit list.

Assassin’s Creed III releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 30.

What did you think it? Does it look like it’ll live up to previous game’s in the franchise?

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While I’m excited for all three of these games, this DLC pack for Arkham City is what I’m most pumped for. One, Arkham City is easily the greatest game ever. Two, it’s Harley Quinn one of my favorite characters, ever. And three? It’s Harley Quinn going after Bats for realzies! Dudes, this lady is pissed and the B-man’s gonna pay.

Ugh! I just wish there was more! But I guess you can’t show too much when what you’re advertising isn’t a full game. Harley Quinn’s Revenge becomes available to download May 29th. Or, if you’re a total loser and haven’t yet picked up Batman: Arkham City you can snag the Game of the Year edition which includes the new DLC. It’ll also release on May 29th.

Okay, on to Transformers Prime The Game. You guys still might not believe me but Transformers Prime is crazy better than any of Michael Bay’s films. This game looks to deliver on just what you’d want, a fun adventure with the characters you love. Yeah, in Prime the Transformers are actually well-developed characters. No, really. Just watch the damn show already!

Since it’s a game for the kiddies, Transformers Prime The Game will only release on Nintendo’s systems: Wii, 3DS and DS.

All right, which game are you most excited for?

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