The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh, and they draw a lot too. Yes, in the dark alleys of the internet it can mean the inner child crushing experience of finding out the unseen gadgets that Inspector Gadget had (you don’t want to see). Other times? Oh those other times… it’s fantastic and magical drawings that make the imagination soar and the geek spirit reach new heights.

It’s time for a Nerd Art Dump.

ABOVE: “Face it Tiger, I’m a better “Spider-Man” then you’ll ever be. I have boobs” Mary Jane Watson taking over the role of New York’s web slinging wall-crawler and the skin tight suit doesn’t help too much… It works just perfectly. [Red Headed Jackpot]

Hit the jump for Childhood Avengers, Game of Thrones beers and MOAR!

200 Million dollars goes a long way, especially when your using it a dollar at a time. This take on the lil’ Avengers created by Gurihiru shows what they might do with all that coin. [Geek Tyrant]

Remember the Hipster Ariel meme that was floating around a while back? Artist Caitlin Clarkson does and she used it for inspiration in her submission to Gallery 1988’s Memes show and it’s totally Culkin. If you don’t know what “Culkin” is then congratulations, you haven’t fallen into a sea of camera straps, moustaches, Arcade Fire albums and Chai lattes. [Super Punch]

George Lucas created some fantastic worlds in Star Wars, but would they be the perfect destination for a family vacation in the would be future. From the Baspin’s high flying atmosphere and banging club scene to the stonercentric landscape of the Dagobah system. This would be the perfect idea for any family or dark lord trying to reconnect with his kids.  [Geek-Art]

Young kids are little monsters, they kick, bite, cry and puke just because they can. So to see deviant artist Sodano takes the zombies of the Left for Dead series and shrinks them down to their childhood stage. Naturally. [Geek Tyrant]

Everyone loves Game of Thrones and everyone else loves beer, so blending the two together makes everyone as happy as Peter Dinklage at a min-skirt convention. Created as a parody of famous real world brews, artist Rob Stephens made a brew for each house in the George R. R. Martin series. And while these wonderful brews are only a figment of the imagination you can proudly wear one of these, currently for sale over at Rob’s personal Redbubble page. [Geek Tyrant]

By now everyone in the world has seen Joss Whedon spin gold with The Avengers, some of his best known creations have snuk a peak at the blockbuster feature. Created by Draw 2D2‘s Jason Welborn, the mash up of the cast of Buffy show’s that even between slaying vampires you need to geek out every once and a while. Props to Buffy for hiding stakes in her sheild, Captain America needs to learn from that. [Draw 2D2]

This Nerd Bastard won’t lie, I’ve never once watched She-ra, shocker I know. If the powers that be however were to borrow from what Stjepan Sejic made here I’d watch for life. Even if this was a one-shot movie, people would be totally into it. [Cool Vibe]

Princess Peach has always been a naughty girl, why else would she allow herself to be captured by a giant lizard time and again. It’s easy to see why though, as her new royal duds show, she’s been asking for it. Guess Mario and his 11 minute speed runs were just too short for the princess and her cake, tough loss for for him. [Deviant Art]

What…the…hell? Sure, Disney and Marvel have been chummy ever since the “House of Mouse” bought the comic book company, but Spider-Man getting his signature stance copied by a Disney princess crosses a line the two never should. Thankfully, artist Bri-chan makes it look funny enough not to care. [Geek Tyrant]

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