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ABOVE: Game of Thrones Daenerys  (Disney Version). Very cute, but Y U NO put Mushu? [badassdigest]

You know San Diego Comic Con is getting closer when exclusives for the con are getting revealed. Today, QMx announced statues from two of my favorite shows: Firefly and Battlestar Galactica Admiral Adama Animated Maquette  exclusive is priced at just $59.95. Book – Firefly Little Damn Heroes® Maquette is is priced at $39.95. Make sure to get on our waiting list now. [YouBentMyWookie]

As kid I always wondered why I couldn’t find Stay Puft Marshmallows in the store. Christ, Ghostbuster themed Ecto-Cooler (memba that?) was on store shelves (87′-2001). Why the hell didn’t everyone’s favorite mallow monster have a sugary treat… to roast by camp Okanda? WHY?!

Well, I can finally put my life’s rage to rest. Because… Stay Puft Marshmallows are finally on the market! Yep, it’s true. It’s a new product from the glorious bastards atthinkgeek.com. “They are frickin’ delicious – the premium-est and fluffiest mini marshmallows around” says thinkgeek.

It’s about time somebody starting selling Stay-Puft brand marshmallows! Why did it take so long for someone to act upon it finally? [thinkgeek.com]

Serving on the Night’s Watch means you’ll be out of touch with the modern world. [Failblog]

This photo shoot is the work of Superhero Photography by Adam Jay. He’s considering a Wonder Woman fan film, so check out his facebook page and show your support for the idea. [FashionablyGeek]

Walmart is releasing an exclusive set of Avengers toys that link together if you open them. Huh? Who the hell would take them out of their packaging? Any self respecting nerd knows that decreases the value. Still…this is a truly awesome set. But wait…No Natasha! Now I can’t even replicate the film’s most famous shot!  Curses! [Super Punch]

This is the final project for my Advanced Mechatronics class at Penn State University. The robot is the skeleton of a turret from the game Portal that uses an IP webcam to track a target and fire nerf bullets at them.

Cave Johnson would be proud. [Geekologie]

Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics have created a robot with 22 servo motors that can transform itself from car to robot and back again.

Nice….Now gimme the actual size. [Engadget]

Instructables user iminthebathroom converted an old Bunn coffee maker into a coffee-making R2 unit that he calls “R2-D2: Dark Roast Edition.”  [dvice.]

YouTube VFX wizard FinalCutKing hunts down a Pikachu in real life, the most adorable animal in the world! [The Daily What Geek]

Yodeling Yoda…uh, what? I don’t even know… [geeksaresexy.]

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