Four New Promos From Pixar’s ‘Brave’

Pixar’s track record is practically spotless (*cough* Cars 2), but I do wonder how a feature film with a (ginger) female protagonist will fair. It may sound incredibly sexist for me to say this, but female hero driven stories typically don’t succeed. Do I even need to mention Aeon Flux, Ultra Violet, or Catwoman? However, this is Pixar we’re talking about. They always delivered great stories. Plus seeing as The Hunger Games, a movie with a female protagonist as our hero, just raked in millions upon millions of dollars maybe the tired stereotype of women can’t lead an action-adventure story is dying. Still, it seems a bit of a gamble. I wish it well though.

Anyhow, Brave is about a rebellious princess named Merida who is so fed up with her mother, she makes a mistake that changes the fate of her kingdom. Featuring the voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane and others, Brave opens June 22.

After the jump we have four new videos from the ginger adventure.

First up, here’s a clip from the film featuring Merida’s triplet brothers. Little rascals, they are.

Next up is a little vignette in celebration of Mother’s Day highlighting the hardened relationship between Merida and her mom, Queen Elino.

Now, here’s funny little clip about wearing kilts. Are you brave enough to wear one?

Finally, Brave: The Video Game will be released on all consoles on June 19, just three day before the movie. Here’s a trailer for the PS3/XBox360 version.

Brave opens June 22

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