What do you get when you put 2 master assassins, a demi-god, a super soldier, an egotistic genius and an unstoppable beast together? Besides the weirdest sitcom on late-night television, you get the The Avengers, thanks to Joss Whedon, joining the “one billion dollar club” in record time.

In just 19 days, the Marvel super epic has become the first Marvel film and the fifth Disney film release to reach the billion dollar milestone, making almost five times the $220 million dollar budget to make the film and setting several records in the process.

Estimated to have earned a gross of $373.2 million in North America and $628.9 million in overseas for a worldwide total of $1,002.1 million, The Avengers has climbed to the 11th spot on the all-time worldwide list. Surpassing the $1,001.9 million set by Chris Nolan and The Dark Knight, The Avengers has also become:

* The fastest film to reach $200 million domestically in three days
* The fastest to reach $300 million in nine days
* The highest Saturday ($69.5 million) and Sunday ($57 million) totals of all time
* And the second-biggest single-day gross of all time ($80.8 million).

“We’re obviously thrilled with the global success of ‘The Avengers,'” said Robert A. Iger, Disney’s Chairman and CEO. “It’s a fantastic movie and an extraordinary franchise that will continue with more great stories and compelling characters for years to come.”

Since its record-breaking release in North America, The Avengers has become the biggest opening weekend in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, and United Arab Emirates. With its Japanese release slated for August 17th, the Marvel blockbuster is soon to be the biggest opening comic book movie of all time… if it can get past its competition.

In order in actually break into the top ten of all time, Whedon and company must first get past number 10’s Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton, and make another $22,217,904 or so. As some of us are already going into theaters for our third and fourth times, that could very well become a reality. Fingers crossed.

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