Batman Vs Iron Man: Matthew Modine Weighs In

In the last Superhero Round-Up we brought you a few words from Robert Downey Jr. and his feelings on Christopher Nolan‘s Batman movies, and the smack talking continues.

On Twitter.

From Matthew Modine.

Modine, who plays Deputy Commissioner Foley in the third and final film, The Dark Knight Rises, took to the social network to battle it out with fans of The Avengers with a few choice tweets on the topic.

The above, referencing an appearance he made recently on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live is really only the tip of the tweet beatdown he levied on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Hit the jump for more.

Ok, Mr. Modine, are you referring to at the box office or in a street fight? When TDKR hits theaters on July 20th, it’s going to have a tough time beating The Avengers billion dollar take. If he meant in fisticuffs…

I am desperately trying to not engage in a ‘who would win’ nerd debate here. Honestly, I am impartial and just reporting what the man had to tweet, which he didn’t keep to just the billionaire crime fighting types. The black jumpsuit wearing eye candy got some attention too.

Yeah… I can’t help it now, I have to disagree with the last one. Catwoman vs Black Widow isn’t even a fair fight. One’s a cat burglar, the other a deadly assassin. Granted they are both smoking hot… highly trained… damn it, if only there was someway to figure this out.




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