I have some things to say about The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot from director Marc Webb, but I’ll hold my remarks for a moment while I share 2 new things from the film.

First, check out a featurette (above) with Rhys Ifans and director Marc Webb showing off some new footage and talking about the Dr. Connors/The Lizard. [via SuperHeroHype]

Second, Marc Webb has officially joined Twitter with the account @MarcW. What’s more, he tweeted two new images (above) from the film. Image one features Peter Parker perched atop a lamp post. The second image shows off Spidery grabbing onto the Lizard’s tale for dear life.

OK, now that we got all that out of the way, can I say my piece? Thanks.

Obviously I haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t know everything that happens, but the more and more I see from the film the less interest I have in viewing it. And that really sucks, because I really want to like it. Here’s a few things that bother me:

-I don’t dig how the centerpiece of the story is about Parker’s quest to learn about his parents. While it’s an admirable theme, it’s not one what was ever really addressed in the comics. For all intensive purposes, Aunt May and Uncle Ben are his parents. They are the foundation of who he is and what he aspires to be. Delving into Parker’s real parents invalidates May and Ben. Forget all this parent mumbo jumbo, I’d rather see Parker trying to be a super hero whilst managing typical teen angst. That’s the hero we all connect with.

-I find my nerd rage building at the implications that Parker is a super hero test tube baby (as implied by Dr. Connors in the 2nd trailer), as opposed to being bitten from a radioactive spider. Look, most fans, casual and hardcore, know how their favorite heroes got their super powers. We take umbrage with anyone who messes with details that have been engrained in our nerd consciousness. You just don’t fuck with the basics.

-I don’t like the costume. It looks like Andrew Garfield is wearing a Spider-Man themed motocross suit. No fucking thank you.

-The CGI is off putting. There’s too much of it. Or maybe just bad CGI. It looks like they were really trying to make the 3D work. It reminds me of mediocre motion thrill ride.

-Lastly, I don’t like the style of the film. It’s moody, emo-soaked angst just isn’t doing anything for me. By the way, does this entire movie take place at night? Or at the very least, all the actual Spider-Man sequences? I’ve seen only one shot in the entire trailer of Spidey in the daylight, and even then it’s only for a half second and it appears to be dawn or dusk. Spider-Man is one of the few day-time vigilantes, goddammit!

Negativity aside, I will give this movie a chance. Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield are both fans of the comics and have tried really hard to give us a Spider-Man movie we can believe in again. I really hope all my assessments and assumptions are wrong.

The Amazing Spider-Man, also starring Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen and Sally Field, hits theaters on July 3.


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