Tonight a 4-minute preview for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man ran during the season premiere of America’s Got Talent. I completely missed the airing. Two reasons. 1. Mrs. Nerd Bastards had me distracted with the season finale of Smash (I may have lost 100 nerd demerits but gained 150 GF points). 2. I refuse to acknowledge all reality based talents shows, even ones that  involve Howard Stern. But I digress, I just now watched the ‘super’ preview (it wasn’t just a was a SUPER preview) and I find myself of two minds on the footage shown.

Before you hear my commentary, check out the 4-minute ‘super’ preview below:

First of all, “Most anticipated movie of the year?” I thought it was Avengers? Or The Darknight Rises, or Judge Dredd, or… Anyhow, to date this is the most footage I’ve seen from the film. I’ll say this; It was like sex at my house, 3 and a half minutes of meh…followed by 30 seconds of oh my god. And believe me..the 30 seconds doesn’t make up for the 3 and a half minutes.

Maybe it’s my inability to disconnect my mind from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies (which weren’t too long ago). Or maybe it’s the shitty CGI (There are some cool shots, but they are impaired by some hideous graphics), the motocross inspired Spidery costume, Lizard looking like Batman’s “Killer Croc”, Parker being a test-tube baby (implied by Dr. Connors) and the fact that 99% of this movie appears to take place at night (isn’t Spider-Man one of the few day-time vigilantes?). Maybe it’s all of the above. Look, I don’t mean to shit on a movie I haven’t seen yet, but it just doesn’t make me tingle.

I will say, I enjoyed the scene in which Spider-man saved the kid from the burning car. That scene was brilliant, totally capturing what Spidey is all about. If the film sustains that character-centric tone; I am in.

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