Edgar Wright Is Making ‘Ant-Man’ ASAP

We’ve known for awhile that Marvel Studios has two mystery projects on the go. This lead to speculation over which Marvel character would hit the big screen next. We’ve had top dog Kevin Feige dropping hints that lead to more speculation. Then Edgar Wright tweeted the following:

Subtle. So, we can assume Ant-Man is one of the mystery projects, right? Assume no more! While talking with Empire Magazine on their official podcast, Wright went and made that s#!t official.

“Yes, Things are definitely happening, and other things are happening with other things as well. There’s some interesting plates spinning, and I dearly hope I’ll be shooting this year.”

Ok, so I suppose that’s not really making much official, but its more than we’ve had to go on before. Right?

Wright has been busting his balls for years on this project and it truly is a labor of love for the dude, so personally I hope he does get to start when he wants to. Does this mean Ant-Man will be Untitled Marvel Movie #1, in theaters on May 16, 2014? He didn’t say. However he would like people to stop asking when it’s coming out.

“I get kind of superstitious because I don’t think anybody reading magazines and reading websites and stuff quite understands how hard it is to make a film and how long it takes, and because film websites update like hourly, people are like, ‘What’s the fucking hold up? Why aren’t you making ‘Ant-Man’? Just make it! Why isn’t it coming out tomorrow? But every film that I’ve made has taken like three years — each one. It’s been three years between movies. I would love for that gap to be shorter, but it’s almost like a holding pad. It’s like there are planes in the air and you have to figure out which one’s going to land before they all crash like ‘Die Hard 2.'”

Now, keep in mind he’d also working with Simon Pegg on the third and final film in the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, The World’s End, so let’s give the man a little room to work his magic.

Till then, Ant-Man fans can fill time fantasy casting the lead role. Nathan Fillion. Crap, that didn’t fill much time, did it?

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