More Prometheus Footage You NEED to Watch

With Prometheus just three weeks away, the marketing department of 20th Century Fox is still working hard to get people to go see it.  With a name like Ridley Scott attached to the film, and given the epic popularity of the previous Alien movies, you’d think they’d be able to sit back and let the money pour in come opening weekend.  But they’re in the same boat as every other media-spamming company, flooding us with fresh images, trailers and interviews every few hours.

Luckily, Prometheus hasn’t been producing spam like Spider-Man or the build-up to The Avengers resulted in, but they do insist that you watch yet another trailer.

And, so here it is – the latest alien-looking critters to make your mouth water:

Www.PrometheusForum.netClick here for another funny movie.

Yup, looks like pretty much the same stuff as the last few trailers mixed in with a little bit more alienesque goodness.  Still, all-in-all the movie looks nerd-boner awesome.

Expect the relentless media attacks to stop on June 8th, when Prometheus officially hits the big screen.


Thanks to geektyrant for helping us in the fight to spread the spam.

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