I am currently suffering from some serious Doctor Who withdrawal, how about you? We’ve learned we could be seeing new Who as early as late August but that’s still unconfirmed. In the meantime is looks like Beeb will give us something new, just maybe not of the usual quality we’ve come to expect. It’s time for the winners of the Script to Screen competition to be announced. What is Script to Screen? It’s a chance for young Whovians to submit their own short Doctor Who story and BBC picks the best one to film. And according to this listing for next week’s Blue Peter (A BBC kid’s show with a long history of interacting with Doctor Who) we’ll be seeing the winning minisode of May 24th.

 Photographer Rankin shares his secrets of taking the perfect portrait, and there is the premiere of a new Doctor Who mini-episode written by three viewers. Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood present.

I mean, it’s something, right? For a taste of what we’ll see in the Script to Screen winning minisode here’s last year’s winner,

Bite your tongue, this was written by children!

Now, you’ve heard of Community, right? The ultra-cool show NBC seems committed to killing by any means necessary. One of the hundred of totally awesome things on the show is their Doctor Who spoof, Inspector Spacetime. And guess what!? Karen Gillan, also known as Amy Pond, has seen it, loves it, and wants a part on the show! It’s an internet call to arms with BBC even supplying the hashtag #AmyMeetsAbed to make it happen. Watch Karen being utterly adorable talking about Community below.

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