Last time on The Daly Show, Steven Webber tried to cajole Tim Daly into a Wings reunion despite Thomas Haden Church‘s restraining order and Tony Shalhoub‘s crippling germaphobia (I saw it on TV, it’s just gotta be true). Displeased with the script and an ironclad contract that locked him into the project if both he and Webber were alive and kicking, Daly decided to take drastic measures to keep him from once again be a man from Nantucket. Will Tim Daly kill Steven Webber? Watch the embeded season finale of The Daly Show to find out and then read our exclusive interview with Daly, his son Sam, writer/director Ben Shelton, and a surprise guest.

Your “character” has been showing signs of a mental break all season long, do you feel like murder was the inevitable next step?

Tim Daly: I think I speak for all of America when I say “We need to kill Steven Weber“. It’s actually one of the sanest, most lucid moments I have in season 1.

Just to recap, this seasons guest stars have been licked, yelled at, forced into their underwear, and now killed. Everyone got assaulted or humiliated in some way… except Whoopi Goldberg. Why did she escape harm?

Tim Daly: Isn’t it obvious? Special Sauce!!!!

Because all pretend is real, and all real is pretend, I have to ask: It’s kinda douche that you didn’t use your medical training to save Steven Webber’s life, isn’t it?

Tim Daly: I think it would have been totally douche to save Weber. Sometimes doing the right thing means making the hard choices.

Would you really help your father dismantle and then bury the body of a dear family friend?

Sam Daly: Off The Record — I mean, family first right?!? It’s my dad we’re talking about here. Wouldn’t be the first time. LA is a crazy town. On the record — I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Ben, Sam, and Tim, what’s next for you three?

Tim Daly: After we get back from the Nobel festivities in Oslo we will launch into season 2.

Sam Daly: I recently was a guest star on a FOX pilot called The Kids (now called Ben and Kate and officially on the FOX schedule this fall). Possibly heading to NYC this summer to do a play at the Hudson Guild Theater. And The Daly Show Season 2!

Ben Shelton: I’m in post-production of a film called Waking (also with Tim and Sam Daly) and I’m developing two more films: Yesterdays and Hold Fast.

No BS Hollywood answers, what’s your favorite episode of The Daly Show?

Tim Daly: It’s a toss up between the Nathan Fillion episode and the Christmas show.

Sam Daly: I love The Daly Dancing because I got to play the crazy one. Also, The Daly Superheroes is just CLASSIC. And you can’t go wrong with The Daly Douche. We must all strive for a world that is a little less douche!

Ben Shelton: I’ll rank them for you: 10,7,1,4,8,5,3,6,9,2

Again, no Hollywood BS answer, which guest star have you enjoyed working with the most?

Ben Shelton: Weber.

Steven, tell us something we don’t know about the Dalys.*

(The ghost of) Steven Webber: Tim and Sam can often be seen holding each other’s ankles and forming a rolling wheel down Hollywood Blvd. Also, while Tim is famously the voice of Superman, he also provides the sound effect of flesh being punched in virtually every action film made, merely by recording the sound made when slinging his testicles against a terra cotta floor tile.

*=that last question was answered with the help of a medium. 

You can follow the boy genius behind The Daly Show, Ben Shelton, on Twitter here and you can follow The Daly Show on their new tweet tweet account, @DalyDouche. The Daly Show will return for season 2 in the future with a new name (The Daly Douche) and a deeper focus on the hip hop game… that last part may be false.

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