‘Battleship’ Mystery Box…

Who in their right mind would make a movie based off of a board game? Let alone a game that has no elements to it except for little plastic ships and red pegs. It’s almost like taking RISK and turning it into a musical….yeah, OK. Not gonna lie here, I am not excited about Battleship, not one bit. However, I am extremely excited about the TOYS that come along with it. Why is that you ask? Hasbro sent NerdBastards a mystery box…with a note apologizing for making one of the lamest movies ever. Nah, I kid. It was full of some killer products….and of course there were toys included.

First, I gotta talk about the box. It’s one of the coolest things to ever arrive on my doorstep. It’s a 3 foot long cardboard shipping box made to look like a battle damaged steel container.You can imagine the smirk on myself when I walked up to it. I have to tell you, that I was a bit afraid to open it. I thought it might contain Rhianna’s head or something. Opening it however, turned out to be a real delight. Upon flipping over the lid I discovered a mini battle command center, with a lenticular radar screen and a little red “fire” button, that when pushed, triggered a battle sound effect. Cool. Seriously, this is such a rad box. HASBRO should just sell this. Kids love boxes!

Now, although nothing could ever compare to a LEGO, HASBRO has recently released a new form of connecting pieces called KRE-O. What’s the difference between the two? I’m not sure and I don’t really care too much.  We got our hands on two playsets: Alien Strike and U.S.S. Missouri. These things are pretty cool. And honestly, who really grows up and stops playing with Legos? No one. So these KRE-Os and the perfect movie tie-ins. Not only will the kids love them, but so will the adults.

Next in the mystery box was the new Battleship Board-game. The only differences from the original are the ships have an alien-esque appearance to them and the game now has a deck of cards that call for extra gimmicks such as call out 2 or 3 positions instead of the usual 1. I have decided it would make a great drinking game at my next house party. I approve of this game.

Last but not least is a killer t-shirt with matching dog tags. I know, the most exciting thing in the mystery box! But let me tell you, my wardrobe just got a whole lot snazzier… The shirt says; 99 Problems but my ship ain’t one, HIT ME!!!!!!

All-in-all…pretty neat stuff. I would expect nothing less from HASBRO. They simply make fun stuff. In fact, I had enjoyed these products so much that my interest in Battleship increased a notch (or should I say peg?).

Be sure you check out all the contents from the mystery box in the gallery below. And, if explosions, aliens, battleships and Rhianna excite you (see what I did there) then check out Battleship in theaters this Friday, May 18th.

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